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Since 1978... 70 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
Oakworks, Inc. has been committed to providing safe, durable, comfortable and ergonomic equipment to industries supporting the health and wellbeing of people all over the globe. The name "Famed ┼╗ywiec" was integral to the creation of new medical solutions after the end of WW II. The company was a response to the demand for safe and durable medical equipment.

Oakworks, Inc. is proud to bring together two quality medical manufacturing brands in the industry, Oakworks Medical and FAMED Medical Solutions, to introduce iNSPIRIT Medical Solutions. Combining Oakworks Medical's US based customer service and FAMED's internationally recognized manufacturing capability, Oakworks is excited to offer Operating Tables, Patient Transport Stretchers, Hospital Beds, ICU Beds, and Treatment Chairs to the US market.

About Oakworks Medical
Oakworks Medical customer service reflects our commitment to making exceptionally efficient products for your facility. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and confidently ensure our products will represent excellent value for many years to come.

About FAMED Medical Solutions Famed ┼╗ywiec and its direct predecessors share a more than 140 year-old tradition of manufacturing in Zywiec, a town in Southern Poland. Famed's well-trained workforce gives it a key competitive advantage in this highly-skilled, manual-labor intensive business.

A Collaboration of OAKWORKS MEDICAL and FAMED Medical Solutions